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Marketing Collateral Library

**Please note: The items in the marketing collateral library are materials from past NJSL funded campaigns. In the coming months, the State Library marketing department will develop marketing campaigns and materials based on the recently released Statewide Strategic Plan for NJ Libraries. These materials will be customizable, and each library will be able to order a certain allotment free of charge via the online ordering web portal. Any additional orders above and beyond the NJSL funded allotment will be available for purchase through the online ordering system. Please stay tuned for new resources and materials. In the meantime, please get registered with an account if you do not already have one, so that you may take advantage of faster delivery when these material become available.

Let's Speak with One Voice...NJSL Tools & Strategies for Collaborative Communication!

Order NJSL marketing materials online.

People are bombarded by various messages every day. How can we make sure our messages are heard, remembered, and effective in compelling the communities and governments we serve to value, support and sustain libraries? It’s simple: we can increase the visibility and repetition of our messages and maximize our communication impact through collaboration.

When advocating for important causes, it’s imperative that all programs work together to deliver consistent messages that resonate. The New Jersey State Library now offers a statewide marketing collateral library to bridge the gap between libraries across the state so that we can “speak with one voice”.

We encourage NJ library directors and staff to browse our Marketing Collateral Library, and take advantage of the materials we've already spent time and money to produce. Why reinvent the wheel? Our Online Ordering Web Portal not only gives you access to NJSL marketing materials, but you can also customize them for your local needs. Once you place your order, you can have these materials delivered to your library via our statewide interlibrary loan service. It's easy, cost effective and a great way to expand your reach throughout your community!

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