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Marketing Trends for Libraries

This blog focuses on a range of marketing topics, including best practice, how-to, and trend articles. We hope to raise awareness within the library community on how to better promote services and offerings.

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With 2015 just around the corner, there is no shortage of predications about what the New Year holds for marketers.
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Although pioneer ad man David Oligvy famously advised to write in the language of buyers, he probably didn’t envision social media shorthand (OMG) or the overuse of exclamation points (!!!!).
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You’re making a big announcement about your public library, and a press release seems in order. When you get your local reporter on the phone, what more will she need from you?
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As content becomes an increasingly larger part of the marketing equation, the demands on our time to create new, fresh posts and updates can be overwhelming. And for some of us, writing simply may...
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Digital and mobile technologies have changed the job of marketing public libraries tremendously.
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