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Marketing Trends for Libraries

This blog focuses on a range of marketing topics, including best practice, how-to, and trend articles. We hope to raise awareness within the library community on how to better promote services and offerings.

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The public library blog offers an excellent way to keep your community updated about library events.
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Whenever I’m looking for inspiration or good marketing ideas, I sometimes turn to blogs outside the public library space. I have my favorite business marketing blogs, of course, but sometimes I need...
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John Green is not simply an author of YA novels with an uncanny understanding of the teen set. Even before the wild success of The Fault in Our Stars (it sold out while he was still writing it), he...
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Public library marketers can borrow a few ideas from the challenge for their own marketing and advocacy efforts.
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Here are 10 ready-made tweets that you can share today and tell our story. We’ve included a link to the original source, which you can insert into the tweet as a shortened URL using either Hootsuite...
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