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Marketing Trends for Libraries

This blog focuses on a range of marketing topics, including best practice, how-to, and trend articles. We hope to raise awareness within the library community on how to better promote services and offerings.

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As content becomes an increasingly larger part of the marketing equation, the demands on our time to create new, fresh posts and updates can be overwhelming. And for some of us, writing simply may...
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Digital and mobile technologies have changed the job of marketing public libraries tremendously.
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With more than 10 million users, Hootsuite is the most widely used social media management tool. The tool saves community managers much time with features that streamline the process of keeping...
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In the digital age, public libraries face many new types of competition. We compete for our users’ time and their attention. We compete for government funding. And now we’re also competing with...
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As surprising as it may seem, given how often we perceive it to be junk, email marketing is the “killer app.”
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