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Marketing Trends for Libraries

This blog focuses on a range of marketing topics, including best practice, how-to, and trend articles. We hope to raise awareness within the library community on how to better promote services and offerings.

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Are the results of your marketing efforts falling short of your expectations? Do you have fewer event registrations or email subscriptions than you’d like? It’s possible that it’s not your content,...
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A new user perception report from OCLC offers some fascinating insight into and suggestions for rebranding the library. Findings are based on the results of two national research studies conducted by...
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Facebook has launched a new update to business pages that offers some new benefits for page administrators.
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Are you a library lover or a distant admirer of it? While I’m sure you’re the former, you still may want to take the new library engagement quiz offered by Pew Research.
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Looking to create a public library event that captures the imagination of your library? There are plenty of opportunities beyond the usual book clubs, author readings, and film screenings.
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